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Jul 24 13 4:04 PM

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Adulthood, according to Erickson, is filled with watershed stages:  intimacy versus isolation, generativity versus stagnation, integrity versus despair?  Are you mastering the stages, gaining the wisdom of your ages, or falling into a state of disrepair?

Sternberg, R. J., & Williams, W. M. (2011). Educational psychology. (2nd ed. ed.). New Jersey: Allyn &


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Jul 24 13 7:18 PM

LeeHere Absent wrote:

Thx for having the consideration to provide this space here for me to answer, since I've once again been rendered into a suspended state there.

In answer to your question, definitely in the final stages of a state of disrepair.

In fact, before anyone gets too invested in the site I just created here, don't. It was created not as a lark, but as a swan (song). To my (many) detractors, consider it a final flounce, if you wish.

But to elaborate on my response to your inquiry
Are you mastering the stages, gaining the wisdom of your ages, or falling into a state of disrepair?

I'm not sure that "or" is the right conjunction for that question. Perhaps it is wisdom to recognize when the time has arrived to embrace the inevitable, no matter how 'negative' that inevitability might be. Maybe that's the wisdom right there...recognizing that 'negativity' itself is an illusion, a false value judgement predicated upon our attachment to so-called 'good'.

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Jul 25 13 9:46 AM


I would describe myself as a ...Degenerate....Asshole....Loser.

So I guess I fucked up in the 13-19 stage. :-)
Now...this could be because I started taking drugs...which hampered brain development...L.S.D. is notoriously bad for this kind of thing. could be that the things being passed off as values...seemed so hollow and self-serving....that it seemed better to repudiate them.

"Who Am I and What Can I Be?" ( 13-19 )
Does this question ever get a final answer??
Is identity a destination or a journey??

Every person is like an archeological dig........Oh here they are in the 17th century...they have developed glazed pottery ....and a surly sarcastic demeanor.
Here they are in the 2nd century...moving away from Isis and worshipping the Nazarene...and viewing every woman as a milky reward.
And each layer is pulling some of the strings of our psyche.
This neat moving from one game-level to the other is never found in a real person.

To say analysis like Erikson's is scratching the surface insulting to surfaces.

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